Thursday, July 3, 2008

Genesis 26 - Soon

I go to counseling. Right now, I see counselor #3, a guy named Chuck. He is like this crazy six foot four motorcycle riding dude with a huge tattoo that has the word "life" in a dozen different languages. And a few weeks ago, he dropped a scriptural bomb on me. Just some ridiculously cool knowledge.

And in a few days, when we get to the point in Genesis that he told me about, I hope to drop it on you too. But to do that, I need to set it up a little. I need to reflect a tiny bit on Isaac.

The thing that strikes me about this chapter is that Isaac repeats the same exact sin that his father Abraham did. Abraham lied and said Sarah was his sister. Isaac lies and says that Rebekah is his sister. It is such a clear portrayal of generational sin.

I know I have written about how important it is to understand your family of origin. How critical it is to know what you learned from your mom and dad. But I do agree with the doubters. I don't think looking at your childhood should be a way for you to blame your present mistakes on things in your past. My father didn't make me choose the wrong things as a 32 year old. He might have impacted my decision making process as a child, but the responsibility for what I do is mine.

So what I don't want to miss in this chapter is the exact replica Isaac becomes of Abraham in his lying. I sometimes do that. I read something in the Bible and think it is in there "just because." Not that I need to learn from it but that it's just filler, stuff to move the story along. But I don't really think the Bible is accidental. I think regardless of how big or small, every passage has a purpose. I think the purpose of this one is to teach us something that is true of most humans. We tend to repeat what we do not take the time to understand.


vikki (Philippines) said...

What comes to my mind after reading this is..."His mercies are new every morning" and what Scriptures says in Jude 22, "I will have mercy on those who are doubting"...

Generational sins makes me more cautious of what can happen to me if i make the same mistakes. But instead of compassion for my family, it turns out to be "Am i my brother's keeper?" sometimes. I forget that my 'good efforts' only keep me so far too and i need God's grace moment by moment.

By the way, i have a spiritual mentor who is taking counseling classes and when i have a problem, she starts with, would you like me to hear you as a friend or as a counselor? I really can't tell the difference?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I don't comment every day but I read every day, studying Genesis along with you. You always point out something I wouldn't have thought of and frequently (and isn't that just like God) it seems aimed just for me. That's how I felt about today's post. Thank you, Blessings, marlene

UTaylor526 said...

You do however see a different reaction by the people he lies to however. After they find out he lies (although he does benefit by having his life protected) they become jealous of him and kick him out of the land. Is this only because he became too powerful? Or does the knowledge that he has lied before impact their decision and their jealousy? Just some things to think about. But once again, God's forgiveness is shown.

Just Meee~ said...

I'm new to your site - why "97" seconds with GOD???

Here is my blog:

Let me know what you think?

Flesheater said...

thats one of my constant struggles. Trying to read the bible AND learn something from it.

I always find myself mindlessly reading through without taking anything away and have to stop myself, slow down and contemplate on it.