Saturday, March 22, 2008

Daddy broke the attic.

As I've mentioned a handful of times, during a recent squirrel rescue attempt in my attic, a friend put his foot through my bedroom ceiling. It was not me that technically broke the attic, but the blame is still largely mine.

So now, when my daughters spill something at dinner or break a cup, they have been instructed to instantly say, "Daddy broke the attic." It's a simple statement that kind of puts spilled juice in the right context. "No big deal," they say, "Juice is just juice, my dad knew I might spill and break things even though I am trying my hardest."

They enjoy the freedom of being able to say that and it made me think, do I ever do the same thing with God? That is, when I fail, do I ever instantly lean on the truth and grace of the cross? Why can't I in a moment of failure, call upon a much greater promise than just "daddy broke the attic" and say, "Christ died for me?"

Not that my sin or failure is not a big deal, but it has already been paid for. The cost has already been paid. And saying "Christ died for me" when I break something might help me remember that I too am a child at a very big table. I too have a father who loves me and cares for me. And I too have been provided an out from the sin I commit.

Christ died for me.


Tom Pilarski said...

Amen bro'! And as Resurrection Sunday reminds us He conquered death for us too!

anderpants said...

believe it or not... I did the same thing...

I was helping my dad install cables in the attic and I accidentally stepped on the wrong spot. I thought my dad would be pissed when he came home so the moment he stepped in I said, "Dad, something bad happened"

He was all worried. When I showed him what happened he was relieved that there wasn't something worse like a dead body in our pool so he just shrugged it off.

We still have a hole in our dining room ceiling.

JamieLee said...

Wow. We all absolutely need to remember that, to instantly remember all Christ did for us at those moments when we screw up. Thanks for this.

By the way, they make this nifty anti-squirrel light you can put in your attic... no more squirrels (and it's humane), and no more daddy breaking the attic.

Jake said...

Great post, Jon. I really enjoyed the table analogy. So true.