Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The danger of mydo.

My two year old daughter McRae has stumbled upon the concept of "Independence." I'm not sure who told her about it, probably her older sister, but it has made our lives a lot more difficult.

Suddenly when we try to help her with her shoes or pour the milk on her cereal she wails as if we were committing a horrible crime. It's led to many frustrating moments and a lot of her walking around with one arm rammed through the neckhole of a shirt because she refuses to let me fix it.

And when we arrive at this place together, there is one thing she yells, one hybrid kind of word that she says over and over and over again:


Mydo is simply her way of saying "My do" or "I want to do this for myself now dad. I'm not a baby anymore but an independent child with wants and needs that I need to express and fulfill myself. So please, give me some space."

I think her saying mydo, mydo over and over again is funny and a little annoying but to tell you the truth, it's not that far off from what I tell God sometimes. There are times in my life or situations I find myself in where I don't want to pray about it. I don't want to seek counsel or read the bible or trust in God to provide. I just want to do it my way in my timeframe.

So I tell God, "mydo."

I wonder what he thinks when I repeatedly make mistakes he is trying to prevent, when I constantly doubt and push against his gentle, helpful love. When I interrupt guidance as interference and concern as constriction.

I'm not sure, but I've started to say "mydo" outloud when I find myself trying to go in a different direction than God. It's an instant reminder of how childish I'm being. Of how silly it is to not want the creator of the universe's help in my life.

So next time you're there and you will be, don't get mad at God, just say "mydo." Chances are, it just might keep you from pouring blueberry yogurt down the front of your dress or taking a job you're not supposed to have.


seven said...

That's a good system... It makes it immediately recognizable as childish. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Donald Miller has a great take on paraphrase: God takes your last mistake, and starts from there. He also compares it to us taking the pencil from God and trying to write our own story instead of letting God be the perfect author that He is. Another great post.

-Brad Miller

Writeaway said...

I think I could be saying this a lot.. I worry initially, then think to pray. That's sort of my "mydo"response. Let me think about it, worry a bit and handle it - then if I can't, I'll letcha know, God.

komplex said...

so guilty of this, like literally sayin in my mind, "look Dude(God) i don't wanna do this ur perfectly right way, i'm a jus do this how i feel like doing it and whatever happens happens".

Anonymous said...

So true about the shirt sleeve thing.. I have a 3.5 year old boy.
Stubborn things, these things they call kids.

JamieLee said...

Oh, I have SO been there. I may start saying the "mydo" thing outloud now, too.

Sarah said...

i am a huge fan of your other blog and thought i would try this one too...i had to laugh b/c my 2 year old son says "mytry" instead...same principle though...isn't it amazing how much we can learn about our God through our kids?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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