Thursday, March 13, 2008

why we cling

I have friends that say things like, "I wish I didn't lust" or "I wish I wanted to work harder at work" or "If I was a good husband I would love my wife more naturally."

And I appreciate that sentiment. I think they are sincere in wishing they were just wired to be motivated to do the right thing. To do what is good. But here's the thing about good, it is not easy.

It is not where our lives head by nature. It is not somewhere we arrive at without trying.

That's why I love Romans 12:9. Here's what it says:

Hate what is evil; cling to what is good

Do you see the freedom in that? You can stop pretending you love what is good just because you're a good person. You can start admitting how hard it is to do what is good. You can scratch and claw as you try to hold on to what is good. You can cling.

That might not mean anything to you, but to me it means that it's OK when I don't default to the Good option in any given situation. I can't trust my default. I have to push and pull and fight my way to good.

Because good is not easy. Good is not something we are magnetically drawn to.

So let's stop pretending it is.

And let's start clinging.


Terry said...

Found this post via Amy at Humble Musings. Love your honesty and candidness. Great post.

Goodlikeamedicine said...

"You can start admitting how hard it is to do what is good..."

I am a perfectionist, and I don't like to do this, but when I do, it is so freeing. I have been "living this post" for a long time, and I appreciate your candid and true words. They are encouraging.

JamieLee said...

One of the bloggers I often read signs her posts with, "Keep clinging!" I love that. Love your post, too.

Anonymous said...

i so needed this.
thanks so much for the encouragement.